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The Visual Planning Board makes scheduling a breeze

Our solution adds an intuitive planning application with flexible operation to your existing SAP environment. Utilize a variety of maps and Gantt views across several monitors and plan tasks in a team in real time without ever losing sight of the big picture.

The key features

These are some of the big features that set our Visual Planning Board desktop application apart. You can find a complete list of functions under Details.

Everything at a glance

Get an overview and do your planning in just a few clicks – our assorted views make use simple, fast and flexible. Whether you are planning new tasks, adjusting the current status or need to calculate travel times: The Visual Planning Board FX supports your management and control.

Always up to date

Adjustments to orders and messages are updated in real time. And if a scheduling conflict occurs, you can sit back with confidence and let our rule-based bot find a solution if you wish. A job well done!

Seamless integration into your SAP processes

A reason to celebrate: Our Visual Planning Board integrates seamlessly into your SAP CS/PM/PS(EAM) modules completely, regardless of the SAP release version you use.

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Profit from our experience

Put your trust in an application proven daily in real world operation that plans thousands of tasks with peak reliability. Our customers would be happy to tell you why they would choose the Visual Planning Board again given the choice today.

Additional references

How are over 1.3 million service orders successfully processed every year? DB Services knows the answer.

Our solution successfully provides support for 80 dispatchers, 1500 service technicians and more than 50,000 orders per month.

30 percent more output for dispatchers, a higher first-fix rate and satisfied customers – Hako strikes a positive balance

"e-switch truly listened, asked the right questions and got on the same page as us early on."

Peter Rehfeld, Process & SAP Specialist,
DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

"e-switch truly listened, asked the right questions and got on the same page as us early on."

Peter Rehfeld, Process & SAP Specialist,
DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH

The Visual Planning Board in detail

Take the helm – and avoid getting bogged down in the technical aspects. This tool reliably shows you relevant data and charts, offers contextual input screens and is tailored to support your requirements.

Selection criteria

  • Selection of tasks for scheduling based on any criteria (customizing)
  • Selection patterns can be stored as variants for later retrieval

Unplanned tasks

  • Table display of unplanned tasks
  • Table sorting by any column criteria, such as priority
  • Task grouping
  • Drag and drop support for scheduling actions in Gantt charts
  • Context menu for each task with functions you can assign to display additional details

Gantt display

  • Task scheduling on a Gantt chart by dragging and dropping from the task list
  • Display of the current task status using user-defined colors and icons
  • Plan of work times, shift schedules and plant calendars
  • Display of absences and outages
  • Ability to create special tasks
  • Calculation and display of travel times to work sites
  • Route planning (sequence optimization) for multiple tasks per day
  • Better overview thanks to layer technology for selectively displaying planned tasks
  • Split display (Gantt split) for a better overview during complex planning

Resource display

  • Plan of workers and teams
  • Plan of production equipment, such as machines, tools or vehicles

Map display

  • Display of locations of the planned tasks
  • Display of technician location
  • Display of a planned daily route
  • Mouseover display of task details

Qualifications and skills

  • Plan of qualification and skill profiles at the worker level
  • Comparison of worker qualification to a task's requirements profile
  • Display of the most suitable worker using match lists

Escalation monitor

  • Display of schedule conflicts, such as compliance with SLA criteria
  • Customer specific rules
  • Automatic display refreshing

Mobile integration

  • Scheduled tasks can be sent to the worker's mobile solution automatically by the dispatcher after approval
  • Integrated interface to the mCompanion product of our MPS product suite

SAP integration

  • Display of data from the PM, CS and PS modules
  • Ability to directly access any SAP objects using SAP links, such as for displaying additional task details
  • Availability of SAP links in all modules
  • Synchronous updates in SAP from scheduling actions or status changes

Supported platforms

  • Windows
  • MacOS

Supported device types

  • Desktop-PC

Push technology

  • New or modified task data in SAP is displayed on the Visual Planning Board automatically using pushes
  • No need for time-consuming manual refreshing

Multi-monitor support

  • The planning board can be displayed on several monitors at the same time
  • Ability to schedule from one planning board to another using drag and drop


  • Customizing directly in SAP
  • Colors in the Gantt chart can be defined based on customer requests
  • Ability to place the windows for the map, Gantt chart and task list anywhere
  • Ability for the user to adjust the order of table fields
  • Ability to create user-specific selection variants

Intelligent SAP integration

The Visual Planning Board FX is not integrated into your SAP system directly, it uses a flexible data engine instead. This means adjustments and extensions can be made quickly and easily. The result is an atypical level of independence that you will never want to do without.

Using state-of-the-art SOA architecture with SOAP/XML technology, the solution can be operated in a WLAN or over the Internet.


Everything from a single source

Learn more about our product suite. And how you can deploy it at your company together with the Visual Planning Board FX for more profitability.

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