3. November 2016

Full speed ahead

Scottish Power relying on e‑switch

The UK-based power company, which specializes in sustainable energy production, has chosen to do business with e‑switch.

We are implementing a sophisticated disposition solution on the basis of our Visual Planning Board. It allows the planning and disposition in real-time using an intuitive user-interface and intelligently integrated SAP environment. Additional we are developing specific functions for Scottish Power that can be integrated seamlessly into our product suite.

As the operator of the largest on-shore wind farm in Western Europe, Scottish Power has been relying on state-of-the-art technology from the very beginning. The Visual Planning Board will simplify planning stages for the company and flexible respond to changes. As a result, Scottish Power will be able to further increase efficiency and productivity.

We are looking forward to collaborating with our new client.


Zurich - Ghent - Swiss-based e-switch Solutions and Timefold announce a partnership to optimize maintenance and service management.

This conference’s goals are to offer fundamentally proficient programs that emphasize the Hands-on aspects rather than the theoretical side of mechanical engineering.

Create simple, fast, transparent, and cost-effective processes in service and maintenance by leveraging our WhatsApp Companion.

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