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You can depend on the mcCheckList

You specify what has to be completed. And the mcCheckList ensures that nothing gets forgotten along the way. Provide a dynamic, mobile guide for your employees on the path to success and avoid unnecessary detours.

The key features

These are some of the big features that set our mcCheckList mobile app apart. You can find a complete list of functions under Details.

Complex lists made easy

Create customized checklists to meet your needs down to the last detail – without any programming. Make your selection from a variety of predefined field types as well as validations and assign the list to an order, message or technical object in SAP. That is all that is needed to make the app ready for the task.

Updates in real time

Changes to checklists in SAP are updated on your employee's smartphone automatically. This means everyone is working with the current version and no extra effort needs to go towards compatibility or data management.

For all mobile devices

The application is available for a wide variety of terminal devices and operating systems. This avoids dependencies and ensures optimal usage.

Including if you happen to be offline. mcCheckList saves the data locally and synchronizes it the next time you connect.

Take the opportunity

… and get a better handle on your company processes. We would be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have.

Dynamically generating checklists from SAP: This is how we ensure that our customer's technicians are always up to date – and the company is achieving its maximum potential.

Michael Eberle, CTO e-switch

Dynamically generating checklists from SAP: This is how we ensure that our customer's technicians are always up to date – and the company is achieving its maximum potential.

Michael Eberle, CTO e-switch

mcCheckList in detail

Want to know about everything the app has to offer? A multitude of useful features that ensure maximum flexibility and optimal operation. But see for yourself:

Creation and management of checklist templates

  • Creation of any type of checklist, such as for inspection, maintenance and service reports or testing and acceptance protocols
  • Creation and management of templates right in SAP
  • Flexible functions for creating a structure, such as headers, sections and footers
  • Checklist date of validity control in SAP (valid starting on, valid until)
  • Ability to assign checklists to orders, technical positions or equipment

Dynamic checklists

  • Changes to the templates in SAP are updated on mobile devices automatically
  • No mobile device programming needed

Form design elements

  • Text and text blocks
  • Numeric values
  • Date and time fields
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons
  • Dropdown lists
  • Barcode fields
  • Location (GPS position)
  • Electronic signature
  • Photos and diagrams
  • E-mail

Recording a checklist

  • Checking for plausibility, such as minimum and maximum values for a numeric field
  • Checking entries for completeness
  • Context-dependent display of fields
  • Mandatory and optional field entries
  • Ability to populate fields with existing master data

Distribution of a completed checklist

  • Automatic generation and distribution of PDF reports by e-mail
  • Support for e-mail distribution lists

Data analysis

  • Saving and evaluating checklists in SAP
  • Long-term archiving of created reports in SAP


  • Option to use mcCheckList as a standalone application
  • Or as an add-on to the mCompanion product from our MPS product suite using a suitable interface

Supported platforms

  • Native application on Android and in Windows
  • Hybrid application on Android, on iOS and in Windows
  • HTML5 application on Android, on iOS and in Windows

Supported device types

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Notebook/Desktop

Push technology

  • Automatic push of new/modified tasks in SAP on mobile
  • Status changes are posted to SAP immediately

Online/Offline support

  • In the event of a network outage, work can continue offline automatically


  • Support for languages
  • Checklist structure and contents are defined in SAP
  • Automatic generation and display on mobile devices

Intelligent SAP integration

mcCheckList is not integrated into your SAP system directly, it uses a flexible data engine instead. This means adjustments and extensions can be made quickly and easily. The result is an atypical level of independence that you will never want to do without.

Using state-of-the-art SOA architecture with SOAP/XML technology, the solution can be operated over the mobile phone network or WLAN.


Everything from a single source

Learn more about our product suite. And how you can deploy it at your company together with mcCheckList for more profitability.



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