Mobility for maintenance

Why the start-up company WERKBLiQ depends on e-switch

Accept, process, document and bill orders on-the-go. As of late, service partners of WERKBLiQ are equipped with a comprehensive mobile solution.

The WERKBLiQ maintenance platform has been using the “mCompanion” mobile application within the scope of its collaboration with e-switch. WERKBLiQ uses the application to provide medium-sized service companies, machine operators and manufacturers to opportunity to offer mobile services that only major companies would get to use otherwise.


The free service economy

The service technician sees a new client request on his/her smartphone. A machine operator issued an order for machine repair using the WERKBLiQ platform and sent it to a pool of service technicians. If the order interests the technician, he/she indicates interest to the potential client using the platform. Provided that a deal is reached, the service technician can use the mobile app to access documents relating to the machine, view previous service reports and create his/her own service report (among other application functions). He/she is also able to document his/her work, record hours and travel costs and complete the order efficiently. The entire order is managed using the mobile WERKBLiQ solution.



WerkbliQ is forging new paths

WERKBLiQ is the platform that helps machine operators to maintain their machine machinery more effectively and with fewer expenses. In doing so, WERKBLiQ connects the machine operators (companies) to service providers or to manufactures and wholesale dealers. The idea behind this comes from Bielefeld. Thus far, machine maintenance has been taking place in many companies according to traditional methods. People hire the same companies that they always hire without looking for a better, more cost-effective service provider. This means that the one who knows the machine best isn’t the one who owns it.


“We are driven to make the entire maintenance process more state-of-the-art and more effective,” says Dr. Tim Busse, Managing Director and founder of WERKBLiQ GmbH. Until now, there have always been service solutions for only one player in cooperation among clients, manufacturers and service partners. But now there is a solution that links everyone together and ensures smooth networking between them.


Documented transparency saves time and money


Tim Busse says, “WERKBLiQ helps to find the right service provider for the right task.” And this provides a new level of transparency. Through WERKBLiQ, companies receive precise documentation of all operations carried out on their machinery. This documentation even accounts for the entire life cycle of the machines. According to WERKBLiQ founder Tim Busse, this information is not normally found all in one place. One has to contact the service company or the machine manufacturer to retrieve it.

The platform is intended to help companies to manage their machinery more effectively and more cost-efficiently. Tim Busse still detects “a little sluggishness” in the assignment of service orders at most companies. Most of the time, the “next-best” option is taken without taking a close look at synergies or savings potential. Take cooling units for example. They are usually repaired for each machine individually, but according to Mr. Busse it would make sense to consider having the same company repair all cooling units on all machines. WERKBLiQ is making such options possible for the first time ever.


e-switch stands out for its experience

It was clear to Tim Busse and his co-founder Dennis Koblowksy from the very beginning that WERKBLiQ’s service needed a mobile component. Both experts were familiar with e-switch and chose the Swiss-based company based on its “many years of experience” with linking mobile and stationary platforms. The functional scope, the stability and the offline/online capability were additional reasons to rely on e-switch’s “mCompanion” solution. Busse says, “The service technician needs a reliable tool without all the frills.”


We have a very stabile application with comprehensive functions which makes our overall product more valuable.

Dr. Tim Busse, Managing Director and founder of WERKBLiQ GmbH

We have a very stabile application with comprehensive functions which makes our overall product more valuable.

Dr. Tim Busse, Managing Director and founder of WERKBLiQ GmbH

Media disruption is a thing of the past

In only three months of project time, e-switch implemented a mobile HTML5 connection and an Android app for WERKBLiQ. The mobile solution communicates with the WERKBLiQ platform. ERP systems of larger companies can be addressed over the XRB/Webservices middleware developed by e-switch. As a result, data flows from the mobile WERKBLiQ application, for example, directly into an SAP system. Billing, etc. can take place without a media disruption.


Swiss virtues built-in

WERKBLiQ is very happy with the mobile component of the new platform. Busse says, “We have a very stabile application with comprehensive functions which makes our overall product more valuable and gives it an additional unique selling point.” e-switch has “experienced developers” and “clear structures to its internal processes.” The company displays Swiss virtues such as punctuality and reliability in all respects. “I would do it again,” says Busse in reference to the collaboration.


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