1. March 2018

DSAG WG Service Processes

Objectives and content focuses

Development of optimized sample processes. Comparison of the sample processes with the SAP options (CRM Service, R/3 CS). Discussion of weak points in SAP products. Development of desired improvements. Exchange of experience on the service processes.

Key Areas:

  • Development of sample processes (engineering, maintenance, assembly and commissioning, master data management, contract administration)
  • Development of the desired improvements
  • Customized adaptions
  • New Features in CRM Service and R/3 CS
  • Additional products for optimizing service processes
  • Use of DMS, Mobile Service, shift planning board, etc.
  • Exchange of experience on service processes
  • Demonstration of customer applications

Current Topics:

  • Development of sample processes in service
  • Comparison of sample processes with the CRM service and R/3 CS
  • Development of the weak points
  • Definition of the desired improvements in CRM and CS
  • Presentation of customer applications
  • Customer-specific applications
  • Innovations in CRM and CS
  • Presentation of additional products in service


e-switch offers Fiori applications for its own SAP transactions.

e-switch takes part in the National Future Day 2018. Students grade 5 to 7 accompany a relative to work.

e-switch meets for bouldering in Zurich.

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